Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee

The committee oversees the Chapter's Strategic Plan Goal to foster the long-term sustainability of the physical therapy profession by making APTA Maryland an inclusive organization that reflects the diversity of the society the profession serves. Learn How You Can Make an Impact

The DEI initiative started with member townhalls to shape the structure and goals of the committee.  That launched 4 workgroups tasked with developing action plans to address the committees goals. Now that the structure has been put in place, we are pulling it all back together. 

The DEI Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. The next meeting is October 14th.
  • Committee Chair:  Mike Ukoha PT, DPT
  • Secretary: Erika Opoku PT, DPT
  • Social Media/PR: Ketaki Jatar
  • Mentorship: Clarisse Labor, PT

APTA Maryland Centennial Scholar is LaDonna Dingle
LaDonna's capstone project is establishing a mentor program to reach out to Historically Black Colleges and  Universities (HBCUs)  in Maryland to recruit and encourage students to apply to Physical Therapy programs.

Activities & Volunteer Opportunities

Pipelines to DEI:

  • Educate students on the physical therapy profession to improve diversity within the workforce. K-High School and Community Colleges.
  • Mentor New Grads, Students and Rehab Technicians from Diverse Backgrounds and Develop a Program to Train Mentors.
Inspire members from diverse backgrounds to become leaders within the profession: 
  • A series of TED Talks:
    -Words of wisdom from an experienced leader
    -A journey to the top—the story of a PT’s rise to COO
    - Foreign Educated PTs Obstacles and Triumphs
Raise awareness within our profession and communities on how various social factors contribute to healthcare inequities and identify ways to create environments that promote equitable health outcomes.
  • Develop social media to educate the public about the role of physical therapy in health and wellness.
  • Developing courses for chapter conferences in SDOH
Health, Equity, Accessibility, and Literacy (HEAL) is how we engage the community through service opportunities to create positive change in the communities we serve.
  • Building off of APTA's PT in the Community and Global PT Day of Service, HEAL is working directly with local departments of health to address the opioid crisis and provide PT education and screenings in Maryland communities.
    - HEAL has partnered with Baltimore City and Baltimore County on their opioid addiction and harm reduction programs. This includes outreach and education to local providers and clinics on how to best support patients and families with opioid addiction;  physical therapy screening at county sponsored health fairs and events. 
    - More volunteer opportunities coming soon.

We will strive to include a diverse group of members inclusive of gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, disabilities, religion, ethnicity, and age. 

Last Updated September 13, 2021