Linda Horn PT, DScPT, MHS, NCS
      Chief Delegate

Maryland Delegation
Jodi Barth, PT, CCI
Katherine Miles, PT, DPT
Kevin Platt PT, DPT, MBA FACHE
Lynn Rudman, PT
David Thomas, PT, DPT
Micheael Ukoha, PT, DPT
Carol Zehnacker PT, DPT, MS

PTA Caucus Representatives
Kelly Brukiewa, PTA
Stephanie Thomson, PTA (Alternate)

Alternate Delegates
Rick Peret, PT
JD Sheppard PT, DPT, OCS

Member Townhalls to Review and Discuss Hot Topics at the House
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  • Permit PTAs as Delegates 
  • APTA's Commitment to Being an Anti Racist Organization
  • Productivity Standards in the Physical Therapy Workforce
  • Year Round Governance

House of Delegates 2021
Virtual - August 28
Washington DC - Sept 11-12

Chief Delegate Corner (Members Only)
To keep up with House happenings and updates on the motion concepts, please continue to check in with our Chief Delegates' Corner updates. We will keep you infomred throughout the year and provide you with information and resources on the big issues.  

The House of Delegates
The House of Delegates, held annually each spring, is the highest policy-making body of the Association. It is comprised of chapter voting delegates and section, assembly, and PTA Caucus non-voting delegates, and consultants. The number of voting chapter delegates is determined each year based on membership numbers as of June 30.

The House of Delegates will begin on August 28, 2021, in a virtual format, and continue September 11-12, 2021, in Washington, DC. This schedule leverages the experience and lessons learned in 2020 by incorporating several virtual meetings of the House on August 28 to accomplish a portion of House business in a virtual format prior to the September onsite meetings. A calendar of several key House-related dates and deadlines has been posted to the House hub. A more detailed calendar will be made available in March.

House of Delegates Community
Materials related to the House of Delegates may be accessed by all APTA members within the House of Delegates Community. This House of Delegates Community serves as an area to house important documents, hold discussions, and communicate information about the House of Delegates. The Community is accessible to all APTA members; however, only Chief, Section, and Assembly Delegates, or their designees, members of the APTA Board of Directors, Reference Committee, Nominating Committee, and APTA Staff may post to Discussion Boards.(Please note that you must be logged into the Web site in order for the link to work.) For tips on how access content within the community, use the House of Delegates Community Cheat Sheet (.pdf)

Providing Feedback to the Maryland Delegation
Once the motions are released in Packet 1 (a compilation of all motions), all Maryland Chapter members will be able to participate in a survey to provide their opinions and thoughts about the various motions. The results of the survey will be provided to the delegation for feedback and discussion. In addition, the Chief Delegate presents the upcoming motions to the delegation at the Chapter's Spring Conference and in the April Chapter Newsletter. Please contact our Chief Delegate, Linda Horn, at any time if you have questions or concerns. 

What are the qualifications to serve as a delegate?
Must be a Physical Therapist member, in good standing, in any (voting) class of membership of the Association for no less than two years immediately preceding the start of the House session. The Chief Delegate shall have served as a delegate at least twice previously and demonstrate active involvement with the Association at national, chapter or district level.

Can a PTA be a delegate?
The Maryland chapter also elects a PTA Caucus Representative and an Alternate PTA Caucus Representative to serve a representative to the National PTA Caucus, which meets prior to the APTA House of Delegates.

How many delegates does the APTA Maryland Chapter have?  
The APTA of Maryland delegation includes the Chapter President and Chief Delegate, along with 6 district delegates. The Chapter also has one official Alternate Delegate, along with other backup alternate delegates; they are elected at the Fall Chapter Meeting 

How long is the delegate's term of office?
Delegates serve for a 2-year term at the close of the Fall meeting following the election at the District level. A delegate may serve up to 3 consecutive terms.  Alternate delegates serve for 1 year.

Student Delegates
APTAMD holds elections each year for one SPT and one SPTA to attend the upcoming House of Delegates. Applications to apply are open through January 22, 2021 at 11:59 pm.  Only student members of the APTA of Maryland may apply and vote.

How often do delegates meet?
The delegation meets 1 day during the year in April or May in a centrally located venue.  We also hold 3-4 conference calls. The actual number of meetings may vary depending on how many motions are being brought forth or co-sponsored by the chapter. Delegates are also expected travel to and attend the APTA House of Delegates, which is traditionally held over the course of 3 - 4 consecutive days in June. IN 2021 - due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all meetings will be virtual. Also, due to the Centennial, the scheudle will be shifted with the House moving from June to September. We will share more details once the schedule is confirmed by APTA. 

When are elections held?
District delegates are elected at their respective fall district meetings, which must occur prior to the chapter's fall meeting. Alternate delegates, the Chief Delegate and the President are all elected at the chapter's fall meeting.  If you'd like to run for a delegate position, contact a member of the Nominating Committee.

What is an "alternate" delegate?
Alternate delegates provide a pool of qualified members who can fill the term of an elected delegate, should the elected delegate need to resign their position for any reason. Alternate delegates are expected to attend and participate in all delegate meetings. Currently, the Maryland chapter provides some funding for the official Alternate Delegate to attend the APTA House of Delegates and additional funding is determined for remaining alternates throughout the year.

New Email for Contacting APTA House Governance Staff
Please note that the governance email for handling questions and business related to the House has changed. The new email address is: