Maryland PT PAC

Contribute to the Maryland PT Political Action Committee (PAC)

The mission of the PAC is to elect candidates to the state legislature who are sympathetic to the views held by our Association. The PAC also attempts to educate and encourage active participation by all of our members in the political process. 

The phrase "talk is cheap" is more than just a cliché in today’s society. It is the way the world, especially politics, operates. Your legislators are in a very difficult position. They are receiving messages from hundreds of healthcare providers, including physical therapists, chiropractors, OTs and MDs. Legislators receive conflicting arguments on a daily basis: one side presenting their argument on an issue, the other side giving opposing facts on the same issue, with each side believing whole-heartedly that they are correct and that the other group is woefully misinformed or trying to get away with something. By supporting candidates that understand the issues surrounding the practice of physical therapy we assure a strong message.

We are currently seeking members to run for Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer for the PAC. If you are interested, please contact us.