Member Login

Your username is your APTA membership number, which can be found on your APTA membership card. If you are unable to locate your APTA member ID, you may obtain it by logging into the APTA website,, and clicking on Profile.

Your password is your last name exactly as it appears in your APTA Member Record, with appropriate capitalization. (Ex: Last name McDermott would be entered with a capital “M” and capital “D.”



You ONLY have an account if you purchased an online course from the chapter. Your username is your first name.last name (john.smith).

Note: If you have attended our spring or fall conference, that does not mean you have an account. You ONLY have an account with us if you have taken an online course.


If you are unable to reset your password, please contact the chapter by e-mail or call call 800-306-5596