APTA Maryland Partners

Myopain Seminars

Courses YOU need, taught by the best instructors in the world. The diverse range of courses offered by Myopain Seminars and Eureka Seminars range include dry needling, fascial manipulation, manual therapy, and specialized courses in craniomandibular and pelvic pain and dysfunction. Our courses enhance personal clinical skills and put companies above their competition.

APTA Maryland practices qualify for savings and incentives when they become a Rectangle Health client:

• Waived activation
• Free terminal
• Complimentary PCI Compliance
• Flat Rate

APTA Maryland is pleased to announce that members who sign up as a Rectangle Health preferred payments partner, will receive a new member benefit: Payments Integration and PCI compliance starting at 1.89% for your practice!

We have negotiated this deal on behalf of our members after receiving extensive feedback surrounding growing business concerns including:
1. Payments are not integrated into my Practice Management System
2. Not using saved patient information to eliminate accounts receivable
3. Not having the ability to stay compliant while keeping credit cards on file

We have selected Rectangle Health as our Payments Partner because they are the leader in payments
for dental and medical practices, with a software that:

1. Integrates payments into your Practice Management System
2. Offers mobile and online payment options
3. Uses compliant saved patient information to eliminate accounts receivable balances and
reduce PCI compliance costs and needs

As a result, APTA Maryland has negotiated with our partner Rectangle Health to provide all
members with an exclusive rate and trial of the top payments software in healthcare: Practice
Management Bridge. Practice Management Bridge is available to your practice at no out of pocket
cost. >>Learn More