Legislative Priorities

Members Lead the Way
As we prepare for our new strategic plan, we asked members to help set our future advocacy goals to sustain the profession, and ensure access to care for all Marylanders. 
Our Priorities 1. Administrative Burden 2. Appropriate Payment 3. Access to Care (Fair Copays | Network Adequacy) 4. Telehealth 5. Social Determinants of Health
Keeping Members Informed
As a service to our members, APTAMD has developed a toolkit  and advocacy course to assist you in being a part of our advocacy team. We also keep members up to date on legislative news and information through our members only government relations committee workspace .  There you will find a list of bills we are monitoring, hearing schedules, links to resources and prewritten letters for you and your patients. Legislative information is also updated continuously during the Session at the Maryland General Assembly web site. Members may also submit a question or comment on legislative issues by email to
Legislative Committee and Lobbyist Information

The Chapter Legislative Committee works with the Lobbyist Firm, Barbara Brocato and Associates, and the APTAMD Board of Directors. This committee is a resource for members to get answers to specific questions regarding legislation in Maryland. Advocacy and Legislation at a National level is handled by APTA.

If you would like to become more involved in legislative issues please email us at The support and participation of all APTAMD members is much appreciated as we continue this investment in our future. If you have any suggestions, questions, answers or want to get more involved in any other way, please let us know.

Your Legislators Want To Hear From You

APTA Maryland wants to help share your story with legislators. Check out our new advocacy stories portal patients and or practice owners.