Legislative Priorities


As a service to our members, APTAMD is working to update members on legislative news and information through our members only legislative portal.  There you will find a list of bills we are monitoring, hearing schedules, links to resources and prewritten letters for you and your patients.  Legislative information is also updated continuously during the Session at the Maryland General Assembly web site. Members may also submit a question or comment on legislative issues by email to aptamd@aptamd.org.

APTA Maryland Priorities

Fair Copays
Network Adequacy
The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future
(to include PT, OT, SLP, Psych)
Social Determinants of Health

Annual Lobby Day

Become a Champion for the Profession!  Protecting patient care and the physical therapy profession requires advocacy and we need your voice in Annapolis.  Each year the Chapter has a Physical Therapy Impact Week in Annapolis. Let your legislators know about our profession and the issues we care about. The day begins with a briefing by our lobbyists on the current bills affecting the profession. Then it’s off to meet our legislators (and we even set up the appointments for you). We are monitoring the plans for the 2022 legislative session and will share an update once we learn the dates, process, and plan.

Become a Life Long Advocate

APTAMD developed an online course free for members to help PTs, PTAs, and students of physical therapy make a connection with their legislators, so they understand our priorities as a profession. Non Members Can Purchase this course as part of our Webinar Catalog.

This course will teach you: 1. How and where to communicate with legislators 2. How to create a long term professional relationship with your legislator 3. Tips for Meeting with legislators 4. The impact of Social Determinants of Health on Patient Outcomes

Legislative Committee and Lobbyist Information

The Chapter Legislative Committee works with the Lobbyist Firm, Barbara Brocato and Associates, and the APTAMD Board of Directors. This committee is a resource for members to get answers to specific questions regarding legislation in Maryland. Advocacy and Legislation at a National level is handled by APTA.

If you would like to become more involved in legislative issues please email us at aptamd@aptamd.org. The support and participation of all APTAMD members is much appreciated as we continue this investment in our future. If you have any suggestions, questions, answers or want to get more involved in any other way, please let us know.

Maryland PT PAC

APTA Maryland members interested in helping us create a network of Congressional champions on physical therapy issues – contact us today!

Mission Statement:
The Maryland Physical Therapy PAC promotes the interests of the physical therapy field within the state of Maryland. Our aim is to increase patient access to physical therapy, fight for fair reimbursements, and lift up the goals and viewpoints of the physical therapy profession. The Maryland Physical Therapy PAC is able to achieve this through our fundraising efforts and financial support to candidates who support the physical therapy profession at the Maryland Legislature.

Support Statement:
The Maryland Physical Therapy PAC is made possible by the support of those within the physical therapy profession. Through financial donations, the PAC is able to proactively promote the goals and ideals of the profession including but not limited to: fair reimbursements, patients’ access to care, and fair copays. Your donations help support legislation, candidates who actively support the field, and educational efforts.

Physical Therapy Regulations

The Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners (BOE) is the licensing and continuing education approval entity for physical therapy professionals in Maryland. Duties of the Board include writing regulations, interpreting the scope of practice, educating licensees, and disciplining those who violate the law. The most important function is protecting the citizens of Maryland.

Legislative Action Center

APTA members can log in to the Legislative Action Center to send prewritten messages to their legislators.  

Patient Action Center

Nonmembers and the public can use the Patient Action Center to send prewritten messages to their legislators.

Regulatory Action Center

Congress isn’t the only group that needs to hear from you. Use the Regulatory Action Center to access template letters for contacting CMS and other regulators.