UnitedHealth Group Updates for Providers

[Last updated: March 27]

APTA began communication with UnitedHealth Group as soon as it was announced that their subsidiary Change Healthcare was breached, creating ongoing patient access problems, shut down claims processes, and prevented payment BEYOND pharmacy claims as the original announcement (2/22/24) received was focused on a breach primarily related to pharmacy claims. 

APTA Resources

Key APTA Resource on APTA Website
UHC provided resources/info that APTA included in the APTA news stories shared with general membership last month. (below)

UHC Resources:

Key Resource with daily updates from United Health Website
UnitedHealth Group describes the webpage as “a main source for the latest business and information updates, UnitedHealthcare, Optum and Change Healthcare stakeholders” with links to other resources. 

The page includes information on temporary funding, a list of frequently asked questions, news updates, and more.

NEW! Watch this how-to video  on the temporary funding process.

Federal & CMS News
The federal government continues to react to the United Health Group cybersecurity incident. A subsidiary of the group, Change Healthcare, which deals with as many as half of the payment transactions in the US health care system, has not corrected this breach, which initially occurred in February. CMS announced on Friday, March 15, another support for practices that have enrolled with MIPS, allowing for an extension of the Extreme and Uncontrollable Circumstances exception for those practices impacted by the breach.

Congressional Hearing Information: Congress edges toward action amid Change Healthcare outage
More than three weeks since a cyberattack that continues to disrupt U.S. healthcare operations, Congress is still groping for a response. But paths forward have begun to emerge as awareness of the damage slowly spreads on Capitol Hill.

Many lawmakers still have no answers when asked about the Feb. 21 ransomware assault on Change Healthcare, a claims and billing processor within UnitedHealth Group’s Optum subsidiary. But a growing number of them are devising plans that range from holding hearings and putting pressure on federal agencies to enacting legislation.

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