New Leadership Opportunities

APTA Maryland is the leading voice of the profession in Maryland with state and federal legislators, regulatory agencies, and commercial payers.

Our goal is to make a difference for the health of Marylanders and to advance the profession. We are seeking a member to fulfill the last year of the Director for Government Relations position’s term. We are also seeking a 1-year appointment for our APTAMD Federal Affairs Liaison.   

The Director of Government Relations  is the chair of the government relations committee which is responsible for monitoring, evaluating and developing positions on proposed state and county legislation and regulations which affect the practice and profession of physical therapy and the profession’s role in the health care delivery system. The director works with the chapter’s legislative counsel to develop proposed legislation that affects the practice of physical therapy. 

The APTAMD Federal Affairs Liaison is a part of APTA’s network of contacts at the Component level to enhance APTA’s federal public policy agenda. Essential to this effort is each Component’s Federal Affairs Liaison. This person is the coordinator of each components’ involvement with the APTA government affairs department. The Component President appoints one individual to serve as the Federal Affairs Liaison for a one-year term.

Mentorship will be provided by past leaders.

APTA Maryland is Moving into the Future

The APTAMD Chapter has worked over the last year on a proposed revision of our bylaws that aims to make the chapter more representative and impactful. On October 22, 2022, members voted to approve these changes. We are currently awaiting final approval from APTA, and then we will be seeking applications from members for appointment to these positions.

Included in the changes are 4 NEW Director positions on the Board are:

  • Director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Director for Community Engagement
  • Early Career Representative
  • Representative at Large