2023 Legislative Session Recap

The 2023 Session was the first “in person” Session in 2 ½ years, as the Maryland Senate and House of Delegates allowed the public to return for in person testimony at hearings and meetings!  APTA MD was actively involved in a full complement of legislation throughout the 90 Day session which ran from January 10th to April 10th.  APTA MD provided testimony in support of a number of key bills on issues that ranged from insurance reform including fixes to prior authorization, supporting expansion of telehealth authority, team sports safety for youth, and continuation of the Board of Physical Therapy Examiners. A complete list of these bills including links to the bill text can be found here.


APTA MD’s participation in the legislative and regulatory process is essential.  You are the experts that Legislators and other policy makers need to hear from as law and regulation is developed that determines the trajectory of the practice of nutrition and dietetics.  For example, APTA MD was successful in securing language in soon to be finalized regulations, that includes physical therapists in Network Adequacy regulations promulgated by the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA).  This will require insurance carriers regulated by the MIA to report on the sufficiency of their insurance networks with regard to the number of physical therapists participating in network and availability to serve their enrollees.

APTA Maryland leadership works closely with our lobbyists to strategically develop and implement our advocacy plan and position our organization and profession at the forefront of decision making.  This ensures that we are able to impact policies on the front end.

The successful work this year will feed into the legislative and regulatory advocacy APTA MD undertakes next year.  The continuity of APTA MD members’ interest, engagement, and outreach to their legislators is invaluable to advancing our profession and improving outcomes for those whom we treat and serve.

Congratulations on another successful Session and we look froward to developing plans for the 2024 Session. Remember, as a member of APTA Maryland you voice helps decide our legislative agenda and positions.

Learn more and or get involved: By joining a legislative townhall, connecting with our Director for Government Relations, Michelle Jamin, and or by joining our government relations committee.