Implicit Bias Survey for Students and Faculty

Our national implicit bias survey seeks to collect data from students and current faculty of DPT programs regarding the current level of exposure to content regarding implicit bias in DPT curriculum.

All responses are anonymous. These responses will be used to help inform APTA Maryland policy and assess the current status of implicit bias training in DPT Curriculum compared to other Allied Health Professions.

Each survey takes 2 mins to complete. Feel free to share the survey with students and colleagues!

Student Exposure to Implicit Bias training at your DPT Program
  • Current DPT Student: Tentative Graduation Class of 2022, Class of 2023, Class of 2024
  • Attending U.S Institution
  • Good current academic standing within program
Assessment of Implicit Bias Education in DPT Programs

Faculty Criteria:

  • Current DPT Faculty: Program Chairs, Full
  • Time Professors & Adjunct Faculty accepted
  • Hold faculty position at U.S DPT Institution
  • Teaching experience > 1 year at current institution

Thanks for your Time. #BetterTogether