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Applications for the Student Special Interest Group
Officers and School Liaisons is OPEN


The Maryland APTA Student Special Interest Group (SSIG) is a group designed to benefit Maryland DPT and PTA students by providing a state-level resource for students to network and develop relationships that will last a lifetime. The SSIG works to promote student membership, participation, and leadership of students within the Maryland APTA and to foster communication and collaboration of students between schools and professionals in our communities.


Our vision is to grow into a solid group of student leaders to include a representative at each DPT and PTA school in Maryland. We hope to be the source for student PT and PTAS, we hope to eventually hold one event per month (Advocacy Dinners, PT Pub Nights, PT Day of Service, community events, etc).

Want to get involved:

Are you interested in leadership, mentorship, and networking opportunities? Consider running for the MD Student SIG

Qualifications: A good-standing member of the APTA, Strong communication skills (spoken and written), a desire to positively impact the greater physical therapy profession with your time, energy, and overall dedication


Prepare agendas and preside at monthly meetings of the SSIG
Represent the SSIG Executive Board at Maryland Chapter Board of Director Meetings 
Coordinate and oversee all activities of the SSIG 
Participates in planning of Annual MD/DC Student Conclave

Vice Chair:
Assume duties of Chairperson in event of absence 
Preside at meetings of SSIG and Executive Board 
Following one year of service, the Vice Chair can assume the position of Chair 
Organize at least one community service event during term of office

Nominating Chair: 
Generate student interest in SSIG leadership and involvement 
Oversee the nomination and election process 
Oversee MD SSIG social media platforms  
Organize at least one PT Pub Night Event

Record the minutes for all official business of MD SSIG meetings 
Oversee all content for the student page on APTA of MD website 
Organize National Advocacy Dinner for the region

School Liaisons:
• Bring opinion, perspective, and/or concerns of your PT/PTA program to the Executive Board
• Oversee communication and collaboration for your program's students 
• Organize committees to plan National Advocacy Dinners to be held at your school

Core Ambassador:
Responsible for implementing strategies to promote student engagement 
Create awareness of advocacy efforts at the state and national levels, and to provide students with opportunities to increase involvement 
Sends a monthly email regarding events within APTA and in our region

Get in touch with us!
Facebook group: APTA of Maryland Student Special Interest Group