Student Conclave

2020 Student Conclave

APTAMD has adapted our annual student conclave during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Virtual Town Halls

We will be running weeknight town halls on various topics from the New PT Licensure Compact, the impact of social determinants of health on overall health and wellness, Finding your Confidence as a New Grad, Mentorship Opportunities, Telehealth Best Practices, etc.

Virtual Speed Dating

What options are available to you in the profession? Learn how diverse the field of physical therapy is and meet with representatives from the main practice areas of physical therapy to talk about what takes place in aquatics, peds, acute care, sports, cardio pulmonary, neuro, women's health, outpatient, oncology, home care, early intervention, art therapy, dry needling, dance therapy, and more.

We will be running virtual networking roundtables where students will sit at a virtual table to learn more about a given area of physical therapy. We will have roundtables that represent everything from aquatic, acute, ortho, sport, neuro, peds, etc. The goal is to let you talk with professionals and ask them about the types of patients/conditions they treat, what a typical day is like…so you can get an idea of the various options you can practice in.

Connecting with Future Employers - Speed Daters will be representatives from DC and MD companies. From outpatient, hospital based to private practice. Meet with potential employers and bring your resume with you.