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APTA Maryland members benefit from expert analyses of changing payment legislation and regulations, and guidance on processing payments successfully. The APTA Maryland and our Director for Reimbursement oversees activities or policies that can enhance the position of physical therapists in the current or in future payment environments.

APTA Maryland Reimbursement Committee
  • Looks at trends to identify issues across insurance companies for potential advocacy, legislative or regulatory action.
  • Addresses relevant issues and trends in the current environment (state and national) affecting payment of physical therapy.
  • Identifies potential changes/evolution in the payment environment and recommend techniques, positions or policies to address these changes and to promote changes that will benefit physical therapists and physical therapy assistants.
  • Identifies and addresses risk management considerations of changes in payment regulation and provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors and Chapter Office staff regarding risk management implications and changes in payment regulation. >>>More Information
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What's New in Payment 

For additional assistance with payment and reimbursement issues, contact APTA's Payment Policy & Advocacy department at 800/999-2782, ext 8511 or