The APTA of Maryland Director for Reimbursement oversees activities or policies that can enhance the position of physical therapists in the current or in future payment environments. This advice and counsel addresses both the appropriate reaction to payment issues, as well as the proactive planning for and promotion of appropriate methods of payment in the future.

The Chapter encourages members to join this committee which is tasked with:
  • Looking at trends to identify issues across insurance companies for potential legislative or regulatory action.
  • Addressing relevant issues and trends in the current environment (internal and external) affecting payment of physical therapy.
  • Identifying potential changes/evolution in the payment environment and recommend techniques, positions or policies to address these changes and to promote changes that will benefit physical therapists.
  • Identifying and addressing risk management considerations of changes in payment regulation and provide advice and counsel to the Board of Directors and Chapter Office staff regarding risk management implications and changes in payment regulation.
The Reimbursement committee meets quarterly via online conferencing.
  • The next meeting will take place Wednesday, July 29th from 4:30-6:30 pm.
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What's New in Reimbursement

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New State Copay Laws Map
APTA has created an interactive copay map for members that provides a summary of each state's copay laws, including whether the law imposes limitations based on provider type, diagnosis, and patient variables. Each state summary is captured in an easy-to-download pdf file. The copay map is housed in APTA's Fair Physical Therapy Copays webpage, which also includes model legislation, examples of individual state efforts to establish fair copay regulations, and talking points on the issue.
PT-PTA Toolkit Now Available
APTA has unveiled The Physical Therapist–Physical Therapist Assistant Team: A Toolkit, a 54-page e-publication that touches on some of the most important elements of the PT-PTA relationship, from educational requirements to work with third-party payers.
Designed to serve as a resource "to share with payers, employers, patients and clients, and any other interested party," the toolkit is part primer, part compendium, with appendices that include sample appeal letters to payers, a list of minimum required skills of the PTA, and a problem-solving algorithm for the PTA.
The toolkit is available free to APTA members, and joins a suite of APTA resources on PTA Patient Care and Supervision.

For additional assistance with payment and reimbursement issues, contact APTA's Payment Policy & Advocacy department at 800/999-2782, ext 8511 or