PT Compact

The Physical Therapy Interstate Licensure Compact Starts in Maryland July 1st.

Information on how to obtain compact priviledges in Maryland and other participating states.

The Physical Therapy Compact is an interstate agreement between member states to provide a state-developed collaborative structure to protect the public by increasing consumer access to physical therapy services by reducing regulatory barriers to interstate mobility and cross-state practice. PT and PTA licensees who meet all eligibility requirements can purchase a compact privilege in a Compact member state and, in most cases, start practicing physical therapy in the other state almost immediately. 

Do I need a separate Compact Privilege for each state in which I want to provide physical therapy services?
Yes. You will need to have a Compact Privilege in each state in which you want to provide physical therapy services. You may have a Compact Privilege or a license to work legally in a member state. You need to hold a license to practice/work in non member states. It is not a multi-state license.

How Long to Get Privileges? 
The process itself takes only a matter of minutes but depending on where you want privileges, you may need to take the state jurisprudence exam which can take more time. Click here to understand the requirements and process for each state.

What states are members of the PT Compact?
The interactive state map lists the current PT Compact member states and other states proposing to join the PT Compact

How much does a compact privilege cost?
The fee to purchase Compact Privilege varies from state to state. There is a $45 Commission fee and an optional state fee charged for each Compact Privilege. A list of state fees is available here.

What are the jurisprudence requirements and waivers for each state?
See this table that outlines each participating state's guidelines.

What are the Frequently Asked Questions?
Get answers to the most frequently asked questions and examples of common scenarios here.

How can I purchase a compact privilege?

You can verify your eligibility and purchase compact privileges through an easy online process. Once jurisprudence requirements are met the process takes only a matter of minutes. A step-by-step walkthrough is available here or go directly to purchase compact privileges here.

What are the benefits of purchasing a compact privilege?
  • Faster – Online purchasing process takes a matter of minutes
  • Efficient – Eligibility is verified automatically, avoiding the need for paperwork
  • Inexpensive – Compact privileges typically cost less than regular remote state licenses
  • Easier – There are no additional continuing education requirements for compact privileges
Still not sure if the PT Compact is right for you?

For answers to other questions about the PT Compact visit Resources and Tools.

Last Updated April 5, 2021