Protect PT

Become a Champion for the Profession!

Through this event you will:

Learn more about the legislative process and how
to become more aware of the issues facing
hysical therapy in the legislature.

            Join us for our annual Day in Annapolis February 19, 2020. Protecting patient care and the physical therapy profession requires advocacy and we need your voice in Annapolis.  Continental breakfast is followed by a briefing by our lobbyist, on the current bills affecting the profession. Then it’s off to meet our legislators (and we even set up the appointments for you.)  Please join us!

Before You Go:

  • Get informed. Familiarize yourself with current issues and legislation affecting the physical therapy profession in Maryland. Think about how you might start a conversation with your representative. Why is it important for PTs and PTAs to support this piece of legislation? Fact sheets regarding bills and legislative efforts for Advocacy Day are below and will be available  in your advocacy day packets.

Mentor a New Generation of Advocates

  • The success of our efforts not only depends on the nubmer of voices, but also on having an informed and prepared group of advocates. Each district group is led by a mentor who has experience in the profession and with adovcacy.

  • Mentors must participate in a mandatory online training (earn 0.1 FREE CEU) prior to the event. There will also be time for Q&A. Available February 1st.

On Advocacy Day:

  • Bring a photo ID. At the capital you may be asked to present a photo ID. Please remember that we will be going into a government building and may be asked to wait in lines at security.

  • Dress appropriately. Business attire is expected as we will be representing the profession when we speak with state legislators.

  • The event starts at 8:00am with speaker presentations, a legislative overview, and panel discussion at Calvary United Methodist Church.

  • At 8:45 everyone will receive their packets and depart with their groups to talk with legislators and their staff on your own about the issues highlighted iduring the breifing.  Each group will have seperate legislator folders.

  • Your legislator may be in session, do not be discouraged. Let the his/her staff member know you were here to speak to them. Please do not forget to leave a legislator folder with bills you wish them to support and or oppose.

  • If you do get to speak to your legislator be confident, and precise. Remember, they are busy but they do WANT to hear from you. You are helping them by approaching them.

  • Thank you letters are provided to the leaders for each group. Please complete them and your debrief form after your meetings.

Briefing and Reference Information


8:00 am Registration and Briefing at Calvary United Methodist Church (once all appointments are finalized we will confirm the start time)
Coffee and Water provided

• President - Kevin Platt
• Director for Government Relations - JD Sheppard
• APTA Director for State Govt Affairs - Angela Shuman
• Lobbyist - Dan Doherty
Followed by walk to the Legislature All appointments should be done by Noon

Transportation and Parking Travel: Set up carpools if possible

Parking: Everyone can park at the Navy Marine Corps Stadium which is located off Rowe Boulevard between Farragut Road and Taylor Avenue. Current fees are $5.00 all day parking. You can walk to the church from there and then after the briefing everyone will walk over to the legislature.

We are always here to answer any questions and explore any suggestions you have regarding this event.

Location Annapolis, Maryland