Statement from APTA Maryland on Racism and Systemic Inequality

May 31, 2020

We acknowledge the systemic racism that is taking the lives of our fellow citizens, recently including the horrific murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

We stand with our membership in solidarity as we speak out against racism, sexism, discrimination against our LGBTQ and immigrant communities, intolerance of belief, and bigotry of any kind.

We are justly shocked and angered by these acts of brutality and murder. We are equally saddened and frustrated by the lack of meaningful response by those in positions of power. Mindful of public health safety guidelines, we also affirm the right of our communities to protest safely and peacefully to address their legitimate concerns.

Issues related to public health and human rights should never be partisan. We believe that health professions' organizations are obliged to take action to protect and promote public health. To that end, we must occasionally make a public statement and take, not a political stance, but a humanitarian one when it comes to relevant social issues that affect public health and human rights.

We draw on the leadership and wisdom of our membership, many of whom confront these issues every day raising families, and during their clinical work, administrative work, teaching, and research.

We encourage all members of APTA Maryland to seek support, if needed, and to involve themselves in addressing these challenges. We urge our students and colleagues to participate in helping to improve and transform our society for a better future.

Please take care of yourselves, your families, and your communities during this difficult time.

In this time, we should remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.:
“We will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."
Please join us in supporting and advocating for our African American members, friends, and neighbors in constructive and meaningful ways. Learn about our new Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Taskforce. 

APTA Maryland

Lauri Jacobson, Executive Director (@APTAofMaryland)
Kevin Platt, President
Roy Film, Vice President (@RoyFilmDPT)
Rachel Skolky, Secretary
Lee Miller, Treasurer
Cara Felter, Director for Education
JD Sheppard, Director for Government Relations (@jdsheppard)
Mike Zarro, Director for Practice (@mjzarro)
Carol Zehnacker, Director for Reimbursement (@fitmompt)
Gretchen Michaels, Central District Chair
Monique Caruth, Southern District Chair (@fyzio4u)
Stephanie Thomson, PTA Caucus Representative
Linda Horn, Chief Delegate