New Telehealth Information During COVID-19

March 16, 2020

Wondering whether you can provide PT services via telehealth during the
COVID-19 outbreak?

As the coronavirus continues to spread globally, members are asking about the possibility of reducing infection risk by conducting PT services through telehealth. There are important factors to consider, particularly related to telehealth services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Read more.

TRICARE Expands Telemedicine Benefit

A new announcement from TRICARE Humana Military states: "If a beneficiary meets all other criteria for a covered service for speech therapy and for continuation of PT/OT, (but not initiation of PT/OT), it is covered using telemedicine, using any coding modifiers as you would for a TRICARE network provider office visit." Read more.

The use of telehealth is one approach that can help keep both patients and providers safe, but PTs and PTAs need to understand the current regulatory and payer telehealth landscape to decide whether telehealth is right — or even a possibility — for them.

APTA Maryland and APTA are advocating for the reimbursement of telehealth by CMS and commercial payers. The latest news is that CMS will now cover E-visits (patient portal communications). >>>Learn more about this and the avialable telehealth resrouces on our main telehelath page.


Access to telehealth has become of paramount importance to ensure the safety of patients and their physical therapy providers. We have developed a template letter you can send to your legislators (word doc) asking them to cosponsor these bills.

APTA also has compiled research studies on telehealth (.pdf) and testimonials from APTA members on how they have balanced in-person and telehealth visits.