It's Official...The Maryland Physical Therapy Compact has been Signed

June 1, 2021

We are officially on the MAP! The Governor has signed the PT Compact legislation and the Board of Examiners is working with the National PT Compact to get the administrative items in order to officially start. For additional information, check out our PT Compact web page. 

The Physical Therapy Licensure Compact official start date in Maryland is July 1st. 
On this date, Maryland Licensed PT’s and PTA’s, who reside in the State of Maryland will be able to work in a participating remote state using their Maryland license once they purchase a compact privilege for that state.

To see if the compact privilege is right for you please go to the PT Compact website. They also have a short video on the website to help explain everything.

REMEMBER, you cannot begin to practice in a remote state until you have purchased the compact privilege and met all the requirements of that state

I want to thank all of our members and leaders who came out to Annapolis, made calls, and sent emails to show their support for this legislation.

A Special Thank You!... to JD Sheppard our Director for Government Relations, Kevin Platt our President, and to our members who came out to testify at the hearings: Neil Brown, Carolyn Chanoski, Cara Felter, Michelle Finnegan, and Carol Zehnacker. 

Your voice is POWERFUL! Your actions have improved public access to physical therapy service in Maryland. Maryland PTs and PTAs now have the option of obtaining a “compact privilege” to practice or work in another participating state if you meet certain criteria. Congratulations Everyone!