Dry Needling Regs Effective June 19th

June 20, 2017

The The Minimum Education and Training Necessary to Perform Dry Needling has a one-year delayed effective date and will become effective June 19, 2018.

The Board will provide additional information regarding the Dry Needling Registration Process in the coming weeks.

  • Minimum Education and Training Necessary to Perform Dry Needling.. A. In order to perform dry needling, a physical therapist shall have at least 80 total hours of instruction, which includes:1) A total of at least 40 hours of instruction in the following dry needling-specific course content areas:a) Theory and application of dry needling;. b) Dry needling technique, including spine and extremities;. c) Dry needling indications and contraindications;. d) Infection control
  • Standards of Practice in Performing Dry Needling.. A. A physical therapist shall:. 1) Fully explain dry needling to the patient in advance of treatment; and. 2) Obtain written informed consent specific to dry needling that shall be included in the patient’s medical record.
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