Dry Needling Regs Effective June 19th

January 1, 2018

The The Minimum Education and Training Necessary to Perform Dry Needling has a one-year delayed effective date and will become effective June 19, 2018. The APTA of Maryland is working to assist our members in being ready for the June deadline. Please let us know how much education you need to meet the new requirement(s) by taking this short survey. This will allow us to hold needed courses within the next 6 months.

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  • Minimum Education and Training Necessary to Perform Dry Needling.. A. In order to perform dry needling, a physical therapist shall have at least 80 total hours of instruction, which includes:1) A total of at least 40 hours of instruction in the following dry needling-specific course content areas:a) Theory and application of dry needling;. b) Dry needling technique, including spine and extremities;. c) Dry needling indications and contraindications;. d) Infection control
  • All instruction required under this regulation shall include an assessment of competency.

    The instruction required under §A(1) of this regulation shall be offered:

    (1) In person at a face-to-face session; or

    (2) In real time through electronic means that allow for simultaneous interaction between the instructor and the participants.

  • Standards of Practice in Performing Dry Needling.. A. A physical therapist shall:. 1) Fully explain dry needling to the patient in advance of treatment; and. 2) Obtain written informed consent specific to dry needling that shall be included in the patient’s medical record.
  • The Dry Needling Regulations promulgated the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners are effective as of June 19, 2017. This includes the Standards of Practices in Performing Dry Needling.
  • The Minimum Education and Training Necessary to Perform Dry Needling has a one-year delayed effective date and will become effective June 19, 2018.
If you have specific questions regarding the dry needling regulations, please email them to the Board directly at: mdh.dryneedling@maryland.gov.

The Maryland Board of Examiners will provide additional information regarding the Dry Needling Registration Process in the coming weeks. The Board will develop a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document based upon inquiries sent to the email address.