February Events and Announcements

APTA Maryland engages and empowers our members to be a leading voice in the health care industry, positive influencers of the physical therapy profession, and a strong collective force for improving the human experience
Happening This Week
  • APTAMD Payment Townhall Join us February 23rd at 8:00 pm for our payment and policy townhall with our Director for Reimbursement, Krista Frederic. We will review updates on PTA changes, BCBS, new remote monitoring codes, home health updates, etc.Join the conversation – Ask Questions – Share your Experience – Connect with Colleagues >>Learn more and get the link to join the conversation
  • APTAMD’s Fair Copay Bill is Being Heard in the House on February 24th (Senate Bill 725 / House Bill 974) Prohibiting insurers, nonprofit health service plans, and health maintenance organizations from imposing a copayment, coinsurance, or deductible for covered rehabilitative services that is greater than the copayment, coinsurance, or deductible imposed for a primary care visit under the same plan or contract; etc.You can help by meeting with your district legislators – Contact us and we will discuss your availability and set up a time to brief you on our bill and other legislation we are monitoring. >>Learn More