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APTAMD & DCPTA Annual Conference

November 3, 2018
Towson, MD

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Interventional Radiology - Dementia Care Certification - Foot and Ankle - Balance Intervention - Dry Needling - Pediatrics (Part C to Part B)

APTAMD & DCPTA Student Conclave

November 17, 2018
Ellicott City, MD

APTA and APTA of Maryland Upcoming Events

Neuromeningeal Manipulation: An Integrative Approach to Trauma  (NM1)

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October 11-13, 208
Location: Baltimore, MD
NM1 is a specialized course focusing on the impact of trauma and whiplash.
  • Study three primary areas of trauma as they relate to whiplash: physical laws, evaluation and treatment.
  • Learn the appropriate anatomy and physiology for treatment of whiplash and trauma conditions.
  • Compare treatment sequence and tests for whiplash and traumatic injuries.
  • Locate and release restrictions along the meningeal system.
  • Assess injuries to soft tissues of the cervical region. Learn treatment protocols for optimal release.
  • Understand how whiplash creates restriction patterns throughout the body.
  • Identify techniques that encompass the wholebody, as it receives collision force in a whiplash injury.
For more information: or call: 866-522-7725

Lead and Learn Nights in 2018

Topic and Speaker Submissions!

Join your colleagues as they lead you in a one hour monthly discussion to motivate, inspire and inform you. 

Who should attend? Everyone! This is free for members and $15 for non members. $5 for non-member students. 

OPEN to Everyone!
6:00-7:00 pm Class
7:00-7:30 pm Networking
Free for Members | $15 for Non Members

Become a Host - email and let us know your topic and if you have a venue in mind and we will do the rest.

2018 Topics

  • Rolling Out Resiliency - March 7
  • Supervising and Directing the PTA and PTA student - May 9
  • Pelvic Floor - June 6
  • Walk on Me - August 23
  • Falls Prevention - September

Rolling Out Resiliency 

Date: March 7, 2018
Location: The Maryland Healthcare Education Institute. 6820 Deerpath Rd. Elkridge, MD. 21075

Resiliency, our ability to cope, is a critical skill for healthcare staff, clinical and non-clinical alike, to develop and use. According to Dr. Bryan Sexton, Duke University researcher the simple fact that we work in healthcare makes us more likely to feel “burned-out” in our roles. MHEI has incorporated research from the work of Dr. Sexton, as well as from Dr. Martin Seligman (positive psychology) into this valuable program. Using these efficient and effective resiliency tools, we are able to customize this program to meet your organization’s specific challenges and strengthen your team’s ability to cope on an individual as well as team level basis. As a result, you should see an increase in morale, teamwork, and engagement within your department and organization.

1. Define resilience
2. Identify key resiliency-building tools
3. Practice resiliency tools on an individual and team level
4. Identify opportunities to incorporate resiliency tools in your department and organization

Supervising and Directing the PTA and PTA Student

Date: May 9
Speaker: Kelly Brukiewa  PTA with Howard Community College, Linda Johnson, PT and Dave Thomas, PT, DPT with Anne Arundel Community College, Anniet Glenn, MS, PTA and Nancy Greenawald, PT, EdS, MBA with Montgomery College
Location: Montgomery College - West Campus. 7977 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring MD 20910

There is significant confusion about the roles, responsibilities and scope of practice allowed by Maryland PTAs. Added to this confusion is misunderstandings about supervision, direction, and reimbursement. The goals of this presentation are to clarify student and licensed PTA scope of practice, roles and responsibilities and to clarify PT duties and responsibilities relating to supervision and direction. Recent changes in reimbursement are reviewed.

Trouble in the Pelvis - How Pelvic Floor Therapy May Benefit Patients

Date: June 6, 2018
Speaker: Cara Konlian M.S.P.T
Location: 659 S Salisbury Blvd #1b (Across from Wawa on the S Curve in Salisbury)

1. Define Pelvic Floor PT
2. Learn how to teach a correct Kegel to patients
3.  Learn when it is appropriate or inappropriate to use Kegels with patients
4. Learn how to integrate correct pelvic floor exercise into your core stabilization exercises

Special Presentation on Walk on me - a therapeutic device as well as a physical fitness machine


Date: August 23
Speaker: Product Rep. Ashok Singh
Location: North Bethesda

Walk on Me was developed with the help of foot doctors and therapists. This device has been featured at the 2015 Podiatric Medical Conference, the 2017 APTA Conference.The device comes three different sizes and has three different power settings. The first two power settings are for therapeutic purposes and the third is for athletic use. 

Walk On Me is a therapeutic device as well as a physical fitness machine that will allow you to use resistance exercise to improve overall mobility. Lightweight durable design provides quality sustained movements throughout your exercise experience. The device is endorsed by Dr. Steve Bennett. It improves overall strength and endurance of the lower extremity.
• Exercise the calf muscles.
• Increase blood circulation
• Increase and assist in flexibility
• Increase range of motion
• Applies resistance to heel and foot
• Increase endurance
• Help rehabilitate athletic injuries

The device comes with three sizes and each size has three power settings first two are therapeutic and third size is for athletic use for more information  


Physical Therapy Nights Out
in October

  • October 10 - Eastern District at Brew River in Salsbury RSVP
  • October 17 - Western District at La Paz in Frederick RSVP
  • October 24 - Central District at Matthew's in Catonsville RSVP
  • October 24 - Southern District at Mother's Peninsula Grille in Arnold RSVP

Join your district for APTAMD Physical Therapy Night Out!

Want to host a night out in your community? Contact the Chapter and let us know the date and location and we will put it together.

The mission of PT Night Out is to bring the physical therapy community together to build relationships that transform society.

Our Vision PT Night Out will serve as a repeating opportunity to connect and mobilize physical therapists, assistants and students across Maryland and will develop to become the official social gathering of the Chapter.

Our Goals

  • Bring people together in their local communities to build lasting relationships rooted in the APTA

  • Discuss issues, interests and pressures within the physical therapy profession that attendees are facing

  • Take action on these issues by mobilizing attendees within and across sites to create real-world change in the areas of shared interest

  • Develop leaders and leadership skills through right-sized involvement that increases connection and engagement in APTAMD over time

Who's invited? 
Members – yes 
Non-members and other PTs, PTAs – yes! 
Students of PT and PTA - absolutely!

Experience the power of candid conversation at APTAMD PT Night

Each member of the Chapter is a part of a district within the state of Maryland: Central, Eastern, Southern, and Western. Each district holds a minimum of 2 meetings per year including: educational events, networking sessions, social events, special activities for PT month, e