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CMS Backs Down on Change That Threatened Payment Levels for Complex Wheelchairs, Accessories

CMS backs off on a plan that would have likely decreased payments for complex rehab technology, such as specialized wheelchairs.

News at NEXT: Foundation Receives Single $3 Million Donation, Largest Ever

June 26, 2017: The Foundation for Physical Therapy (Foundation) recently received the largest single donation in its 38-year historya $3 million gift that will be used to create an endowment for clinical research funding.

News at NEXT: Sparking an 'Industrial Revolution' in Primary Care

Sure, physical therapists (PTs) can explain the important role they could play in primary care. But is anyone listening? And what will it take to get physicians, facilities, and payers to take notice and act? From there,

News at NEXT: Variation in Care Is the Profession's Greatest Challenge, Maley Lecturer Says

June 26, 2017: Physical therapy cannot move forward as a profession until those who practice it resolve the issue of unwarranted variation in practice. Tara Jo Manal, PT, DPT, FAPTA, in her delivery of the 22nd John H. P. Maley Lecture, was unequivocal in sending this message to the profession. "The greatest challenge to the value of physical therapy is unwarranted variationsituations in which wide variation of care is not explained by the type or severity of the condition or by patient preferences," she said to a capacity audience on June 23 as part of APTA's NEXT Conference and Exposition.

News From NEXT: Physical Therapy and Movement Are Key to Slowing the Aging Process, Contends McMillan Lecturer

June 23, 2017: Physical therapy may not be a souped up DeLorean, a table top machine, or a twistable pendant that takes its users backward in time, but unlike the fictional Doc Brown, Time Traveler, or Hermione Granger, physical therapists can use real...