Maryland Board of Board of PT Examiners

License Renewal Information from the Maryland Board of Physical Therapy Examiners

Many of you have incurred an address fine. If your 2014 newsletter or renewal notice was returned to the board, you have an address flag on the database. You will not be issued a license until you have paid the $100 fine. No exceptions.

Online License Renewals - Begin Monday, March 14th at 9:00 a.m. eastern standard time. Do not attempt to log on before then. You will not get in.

Renewals Periods
Licenses are renewed biennially on an odd-even basis via on-line system. License numbers ending with an odd-number renew in odd-numbered years. License numbers ending with an even number renew in even-numbered years. Renewals begin on March 14 for the 2014 renewal. Letters with instructions are being sent out the 1st week in March. The instructions will also be available here when the link is up. The Board must receive your online renewal by May 16th to ensure that your license is mailed back to you before May 31st.

Failure to renew your license prior to its expiration date will result in loss of licensure and the right to practice physical therapy/limited physical therapy in Maryland.

CEU Requirements
Licensee must have earned the 3.0 CEUs for a PT, or 2.0 CEUs for a PTA. 1CEU = 10 CE hours (0.1 CEU = 1 CEU hour) CEUs will not be required if your license was issued one year or less before the renewal period. Do you have questions about ceu requirements? CEU regulations are defined through our statutes and regulations - Code of Maryland - Chapter 8, (03) Continuing Education Requirements. See (05) for Renewal Requirements. All your questions can be answered by simply reviewing the regulations.

About the Board
The Board of Physical Therapy Examiners has been in existence since 1947 to regulate the practice of physical therapy in the State of Maryland. Physical therapist assistants have been licensed in this State since 1972. Board meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month and are open to the public.

Duties of the Board include writing regulations, interpreting the scope of practice, educating licensees, and disciplining those who violate the law. The most important function is protecting the citizens of Maryland.

Board Contact Information:
4201 Patterson Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215-2299
Phone: (410) 764-4752 | Fax: 410) 358-1183